Why "Color Management" Does Not Work Accurately

The individual modules within a process chain of electronic communication and reproduction possess the most diverse color characteristics. The types of phosphorus contained in monitor screen plates of different suppliers have distinct spectral properties. Additionally, there do exist manufacturing tolerances like in all production processes.

The computers differ in hardware and software. A real problem is the question in which way achromatic values are developed in a module. Is it based on the principle of chromatic structure or that of Achromatic Structure or any intermediate stage?

Also divergences may occur during the exposure of films as printer's copies. Further, there are differences in the functioning method of color printing machines. Also the dyes used in different printing machines influence the final result.

With " Color Management " one establishes a so-called color profile for each module, i.e. for each individual piece of instrument within a process chain, which is passed on to the subsequent unit. This intends to bring the color characteristics of all individual pieces of instrument in line with one another. But clearly, this can be achieved only imperfectly in view of the explained problems.

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