Additive Mixture

For an Additive Mixture are needed the chromatic lights of the 3 chromatic Additive Basic Colors (AddBaCo) Orange-red (R), Green (G), and Violet-blue (B) which are known in the computer industry as RGB colors. Further there must be available as key color the achromatic Basic Color Black (K) in order to fill in the difference values. On the monitor the key color is represented by the darkness of the screen.

When three chromatic lights sensitize simultaneously one single spot on the retina, the intensity of which can vary between zero and 100%, it is possible to stimulate the visual organ to produce all other color sensations by mixing these three chromatic lights. Example : chromatic television (from a linguistic point of view it would be appropriate to differentiate between chromatic and achromatic television).

The 8 extreme color sensations, i.e. the 8 Basic Colors, are generated the following way:

Additive Basic Color

Color Sensation



= K

AddBaCo B

= B

AddBaCo G

= G

AddBaCo R

= R

AddBaCo B + G

= C

AddBaCo B + R

= M

AddBaCo G + R

= Y

AddBaCo B+G+R

= W

Combining the chromatic lights of the 4 Additive Basic Colors R, G, B, and K the other 4 Basic Colors W, Y, M, and C are generated.

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