Books by Harald Kueppers on the Theory of Color

Ich bekenne Farbe (Showing my colors)

Contents: An entrepreneur portrays his stressful but colorful life and puts order into the chaos of color theories. An autobiography; this book is Harald Kueppers’ personal life report. He describes his childhood and his youth during the Nazi period. He became a soldier at the age of 16 and was taken a prisoner of war. By chance he did an apprenticeship for process engraver, i.e. a technician for multicolor image reproduction. He obtained the master craftsman certificate, gained an engineering diploma and set up a business. His profession led him to the theory of color. He noted that all existing theories were sector-specific partial solutions. He describes how he came to the conclusion that he should devote his life to the creation of a new, all-embracing theory of color.

621 pages with monochrome and polychrome images
Format 15 x 22 cm, Price € 39.95
DuMont Literatur und Kunst Verlag, Cologne 2011,
ISBN 978-3-8321-9600-4

Can be purchased from bookstores or at Muster-Schmidt Verlag.

Schnellkurs Farbenlehre (Crash Course on Theory of Color)

Contents: Historical development of knowledge; functioning principle of vision; color mixing laws; order systems of colors; psychological effect of colors; consequences of the new Theory of Color; chronology; bibliography. An introduction into the Theory of Color, concise like an encyclopedia, exiting like a crime novel, entertaining like a picture-book.

192 pages with numerous color illustrations
Size: 11.5 x 19.8 cm, Price: € 14,90

Publisher DuMont, Cologne/Germany, 2005, ISBN 3-8321-7640-3

Currently available in German language only

Farbe verstehen und beherrschen (Understanding and Mastering Color)
Applied Theory of Color

120 pages with 54 full page illustrations, 39 of it in 7-color printing
Format 25.5 x 28.5 cm, hardcover with book jacket

Price: € 24,90

Publisher DuMont, Cologne, ISBN 3-8321-7434-6

This book in German language is sold out

Color – Origin, System, Uses
Detailed introduction into the Theory of Color.

200 pages with more than 100 whole-page illustrations, some in seven-color printing. Protective seven-color printed cover. Adhesive cut-out models of rhombohedron, octahedron and two tertahedra on the inside of the protective cover. Bibliography.

Size 22,5 x 26,5 cm, cloth edition
Price: $US 45,-

van Norstrand Reinhold, London – New York, 1973, ISBN 0 442 29985 0

Translated into English, French, Spanish, and Japanese.

Available in German from: Muster-Schmidt-Verlag

Die Logik der Farbe (The Logic of Color)
Theoretical foundations of the Theory of Color

Detailed explanation of the physical, physiological, mathematical & geometrical contexts.

2nd revised and expanded edition.
200 pages, 258 one-color illustrations, 12 partially seven-color printed illustrations

Size 22,5 x 26,5 cm, cloth edition, Price: € 50.00

Published by Callwey, Munich, ISBN 3 7667 0610 2

This book is sold out but available in public libraries.

Not yet translated into English.

Der Große Küppers-Farbenatlas (The Great Kueppers Color Atlas)
25 000 color shades obtained from the 8 Basic Colors with indexing and mixing instructions

Systematic color tables for seven-color printing.
Harald Kueppers obtained worldwide patents for these color tables.

225 pages, 96 whole-page color tables and 12 whole-page illustrations, some in seven-color printing
Size 22,5 x 26,5 cm, cloth edition, Price: € 65,50

Published by Callwey, Munich, ISBN 3 7667 0841 4

This book is sold out but available in public libraries.

Not yet translated into English.

The Basic Law of Color Theory
Brief didactical concept of the Theory of Color for teachers, students and amateurs.

The laws of color theory are compiled in form of a statute-book and divided into 45 sections. Each section announces a proposition furnished with ample commentary which is finally proved through an experiment or demonstration.

216 pages, 135 illustrations 45 of which are multi-colored, List of supply sources for the material required for experiments and demonstrations and bibliography
Publisher: Barron's Educational Series Inc. ISBN 0 8120 2173 8 Paperback Price: $US 12.00

English: Barron's, Woodbury, NY, 1978

This book is sold out but available in public libraries.

Translated into English, Spanish, and Japanese.

Color Atlas
More than 5500 color shades, with digital color values, indexing and mixing instruction.

Systematic color tables for chromatic and achromatic mixing. Instructions regarding standardized four-color printing, construction of a hexahedral (cubic) color space model, and mixing with opaque color material. Printed according to the Standards DIN – ISO 12 647-2 in regard to printing conditions and DIN 16 539 concerning printing inks.

268 pages, 46 whole-page color tables and 31 illustrations, 3 of them in four-color printing.
Size 22 x 22 cm, bound in paper-boards

Price: $US 20.50

Publisher: Barron's Educational Series Inc., ISBN 0-8120-2172-X

English: Barron's Woodbury, NY, 1982

This book is sold out but available in public libraries.

Translated into English, Spanish, and Japanese.

Harmonielehre der Farben (Theory of Harmony of Colors)
Theoretical foundation of color esthetics

248 pages, 32 whole-page illustrations in seven-color printing. Kueppers' new theory of harmony and a view on the historical development of this issue. Bibliography
Size 15 x 20,5 cm, bound in paper-boards, 3rd edition

Price: € 14,90

Publisher: DuMont, Cologne, ISBN 3-7701-2192-9

Available in German from Muster-Schmidt Verlag

Not yet translated into English.

Die Farbenlehre der Fernseh-, Foto- und Drucktechnik (Color Theory in Television, Photography and Printing Industry)
Color theory of the visual communication media

174 pages, 26 illustrations, some of them in seven-color printing. Explanations regarding the achromatic structure concept in multi-color printing formulated by Kueppers, his seven-color printing, and the printing process of juxtaposed surface elements with 7 or 8 printing inks, which he invented and patented worldwide. Reference list of the author's special articles regarding the subject of multicolor printing.

Paperback, Publisher DuMont, Cologne, ISBN 3-7703-1726-3

Available only in German at € 5.00 from Muster-Schmidt Verlag

Not yet translated into English

Color School
Basic principles of color theory for computer users and others.

12 chapters recapitulating the natural laws governing vision, the theoretical foundations of visual communication and the current state of the science of colors.

Paperback, 2nd edition, Price: € 13.90

Publisher: DuMont, Cologne, ISBN 3-7701-2841-9

Translated into Korean

Not yet translated into English

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